Buchempfehlung: Facing Pain, Embracing Love von Jim Warner


Ich habe vor Kurzem dieses Buch von Jim Warner selbst mit Gewinn gelesen und kann es empfehlen. Es geht Jim Warner in seinem Buch darum, echte und tiefgehende persönliche Transformationsprozesse zu ermöglichen. Also nicht die eher „pädagogisch“ aufgezogenen Ratgeber, die an der Oberfläche bleiben. Er beschreibt in Kürze (nur knapp 100 Seiten) sehr eindrücklich wie unsere „Lebensreise“ zu authentischem Leben gelingen kann. Er liefert buchstäblich eine Roadmap mit verschiedenen Stationen auf dem Weg. Er stellt Hindernisse, Umwege und Aufgaben bildhaft und verständlich dar. Ein gangbarer Weg, mit konkreten Schritten. Und das nicht dogmatisch, sondern ermutigend und einladend.

Hier noch zu seiner Person ein Link auf seine Homepage:

Jim Warner is an entrepreneur, author, and transitions expert. During the 1980s and early 1990s, he founded, grew, ran, and eventually sold an international software company. After a three-year “midlife sabbatical,” he formed OnCourse International as the platform for guiding both businesses in transition and individuals seeking personal transformation. …

 From the Preface: 

As this first edition of Facing Pain—Embracing Love goes to press, our world is in crisis. We are confronting economic, environmental, and ideological challenges of unprecedented scale and gravity. Sadly, the noble focus of recent generations on progress, comfort, and our right to happiness has bred entitlement, greed, and isolationism. Consequently, we are now reeling from the worst worldwide recession in eighty years. We’re finally acknowledging an ecological fragility that threatens the existence of life on our planet. Deepening ethnic conflicts and unconscionable terrorism sabotage the tenuous stability of major geopolitical regions and foment an ongoing and crippling global anxiety.

Safe havens no longer exist. Every human being on earth is affected. Most of us are scared. I know I am.

We can choose to view this fear as a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation. We can wake up from our stupor of indulgence and privilege, self-pity and blaming, and cynicism and judgment, and take full responsibility for our own actions and state of being. This angst urges us to probe the realities we usually resist–the difficult truths related to our identity, relationships, beliefs, and life purpose that fuel our confusion and depression.

It’s time to face our pain.

For both nations and individuals, the era of “I can go it alone” has ended. It’s time to accept that we need help and we need love–and we need one another. It’s time to drop our façades of control and self-sufficiency, and give voice to our fears and vulnerabilities. It’s time to fulfill our innermost longing to commune with others on an intimate, transparent level. It’s time to give and receive compassion, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, and support, without restrictions or agendas.

It’s time to embrace love.

Our world is urgently calling upon us to grow. We need to move through our pain to a place of clarity and authenticity. We need to explore the frightening unknown of genuine fellowship. This book provides a map to guide us. There are no shortcuts, and shedding ingrained habits can be arduous. But, continuing to deny both our painful truths and our yearning to be loved will sentence us to a joyless, lonely existence. We cannot change the world until we commit to changing ourselves. Let’s decide to seize this pivotal moment in history to chart our own personal journey to truth and compassion. Then, as we reclaim our awareness and aliveness as individuals, we can work together to create a vibrant, loving world.

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